Rosalind always likes it when I say I am “planning a trifle” – I think it is a quote from “A Private Function”.  Well I AM planning a trifle, for the Royal Wedding party I am going to tomorrow.  I’m just about to nip to Morrison to see if they have any blue sprinkles so that I can make the top red (raspberries), white (whipped cream) and blue (sprinkles – or if not, blue M&Ms I guess).

WHAT a wonderful few days  I have  had.  Just lovely, lovely, lovely.  Still feeling like I am on holiday as the UK is having 4 bank holidays in 2 weeks so everyone is in a party mood.  I had such fun dancing up at Alexandra Palace on Sunday night and even more fun involving whiskey and vast amounts of cheese on Tuesday.  Tomorrow I’ll be hotfooting it to Leigh on Sea for a right royal knees up with Ginger & Grace and assorted chums from the old days.  I can’t wait.

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