Every month I offer a prize to my newsletter subscribers and test cooks.  Recently the prize was to come to lunch at Silver Screen Towers and the lucky winner Lucy (aka Jennifer Jones) came to my place yesterday along with Lisa (aka Dorothy Lamour) and Lawrence (aka Edmund Gwen).  Can you imagine what fun it was to have lunch with Jennifer Jones, Dorothy Lamour and Edmund Gwen?  WHAT a day!  The menu was as follows, all Rhonda Fleming’s recipes:

Cowboy Caviar

Hollywood Ham Loaf

English Trifle

My clothes are very, very tight today…  We scoffed all of the above accompanied by many glasses of wine and a few Gin & Its.  Dorothy remarked that the trifle “tastes like Christmas 1987” and the Hollywood Ham Loaf was as I remembered it from all those years ago when I made it for Charley C.  DIVINE.  Goes without saying that the Cowboy Caviar was scrumptious.

After lunch we all settled down to a screening of “Out of the Past”.  These film noirs do confuse me.  Every now and then someone would pipe up from their half slumber on the sofa, “Does anyone know what is going on?”  We enjoyed the film, despite not quite getting the plot, but there wasn’t enough of Rhonda in it for our liking!

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