I don’t get out much – to eat – but I am an avid reader of Marina O’Loughlin’s restaurant reviews.  Last week in Saturday’s Guardian there was a supplement which listed her favourite 50 UK restaurants.

shutterstock_130885226Nobody knows what Marina O’Loughlin really looks like…

I read every word of every mini review, from 50 to 2 thinking at some point I might find a restaurant I had actually been to myself, but no…  Then I got to NUMBER ONE – Marina’s absolute favourite UK restaurant and I SQUEALED!  For it is The Sportsman in Seasalter.


Have I been there?  No.  Why so excited?  Because me and Mr R are going there for my big birthday in December.  And thank GAWD we have booked.  It’s going to be rammed now that Marina has named it her favourite…  I will report back my lovelies.

Last year for my birthday I had a lovely dinner at Odette’s in Primrose Hill.


All the food was magnificent, but the thing that sticks in my memory is the Hispi cabbage side dish we had.  It was a big chunk of cabbage griddled then covered in some kind of delicious sauce.  Mmmmmmmm.  And I was reminded of it this week when I made Richard’s Maryland Cabbage to accompany my Corrine Griffith’s Lamb Maryland. – you can just see it in this pic:


Butter makes everything better right?  This was so good, it may become my “this is how I always do my cabbage” recipe.  Actually a couple of nights later I did this again to accompany Rise Stevens’ Chicken Paprika – blogging about that soon…

So here’s Richard’s recipe:

Boil the cabbage with a quantity of onions and chop them together; season with pepper and salt and fry in butter.  This is a homely dish, but savory, and is also very tasty served with fried sausages topping it.  Top with this a light dessert and Cafe Royale and you really have something.

Hmmm….  Cabbage with sausages on top?  I feel that happening tomorrow maybe!

richard arlen


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