Ever since we embarked upon the Heinz 57 Project I’ve been thinking that I must make this again.  It’s in the Columbo Cookbook

as Richard Basehart is in the Dagger of the Mind episode,

and I had a feeling Mr R would love this one.  If you are a carnivore, you probably will too.  Obviously as Heinz Beans were involved, its another one ticked off the Heinz 57 countdown.

and the big plus for me is of course, PICKLES are involved!

Here come the process pix

Next time FAT frankfurters and two rashers of streaky bacon each!  I heat my beans up first in a saucepan as I realised the first time I made this, that they didn’t get quite hot enough under my grill/broiler. This is heartily recommended as a bit of an alternative to a Sunday morning fry-up.  Really good for hangovers…

Oh man, I am writing this early on a Sunday morning with a banging hangover and it is making me STARVING HUNGRY!

Richard Basehart’s Beans and Frankfurters

2 medium cans baked beans

Brown sugar

Chopped parsley

12 weiners / frankfurter sausages

12 or more rashers of streaky bacon


Dill pickles

In the baking pan of the broiler / grill, empty the cans of baked beans. Sprinkle with brown sugar and chopped parsley.  On the wire rack place twelve stuffed weiners / frankfurters prepared as follows:  Cut weiner in half lengthwise and spread with prepared mustard.  Add a slice of dill pickle.  Put together and wrap with lean bacon, fastening the ends with tooth picks.  Place in broiler / under grill and cook until wieners are nicely browned on all sides, by which time the beans will be thoroughly heated.

Serve together.

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