Mental!  Ha ha, these were bonkers but utterly delicious.  I loved the recipe.  Basically, fill your grill pan (brolier pan) with baked beans then sprinkle some parsley and brown sugar on top.


Then split some frankfurters, bung on some mustard and dill pickles


slap them back together and wrap them in bacon.  Balance them on the grill rack over the beans and broil / grill.  Mmmmmmmmm. 


Genius.  I think when I get a craving for these again (they are the kind of thing that you think about when you want something really unhealthy but scrumptious) I will look for shorter, fatter frankfurters and use streaky bacon.  When you grill them, the bacon fat drips down onto the beans.  Oh yes!  I think I would warm the beans up first too, not sure my grill is hot enough to warm them through during the grilling process.  Thanks for this genius way of cooking wieners Richard!

Richard Basehart

These put me in mind of the Vincent Price’s Stuffed Frankfurters I made during the Vincentennial Cookblog project.  They had cheese in the middle…  Whenever I make anything with frankfurters (which isn’t often as I am ENGLISH) I think of the much missed Wiener Wednesdays over at Dinner Is Served


Man, Yinzerella must have eaten a LOT of frankfurters over the years, and nipping over to her blog has reminded me that I must make one of these for my next party…


I have about 5 frankfurters left so might make a Vincent Price’s Hotchpotch of Curly Kale (superfood Kale balancing out the pork product?) or the intriguing concept that is Tony Curtis’ Frankfurter Goulash…?!

Tony Curtis

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