So sad to hear the news about Doris yesterday. I love her so much! After living under a misapprehension that she was a twee, girl next door type for many years I actually WATCHED one of her films (Pillow Talk) and immediately became a big fan. She is utterly fabulous and so funny.

The news reminded me of a wonderful “Doris Day Day” I hosted way back in 2014 with Mr. Rathbone, Debbie and Atalanta. We all watched Calamity Jane

and chowed down on three of Doris’ fave dishes. These all worked brilliantly together and I urge you all to have your very own “Doris Day Day” sometime soon.

Here are the recipes – all 100% recommended.

Doris Day’s Paprika Steaks

No idea why this photo is so tiny, but they were GOOD.

2 round steaks (firm)

2 medium sized onions (sweet, chopped)

1 lb fresh mushrooms (sliced)

2 small jars of whole pimentos (red peppers)

2 small cans of Hollandaise sauce

Rub sweet paprika (like you would flour) over entire surface of both sides of meat.  Place layer of sliced (or chopped) onions over entire surface of meat.  Spread a layer of pimentos over the onions.  Then sauté mushrooms in soya oil (or any cooking oil) and butter.  Then put layer on meat.  Spread the Hollandaise sauce over all other ingredients.

Put a row of green olives stuffed with pimentos over the meat.  Roll meat and tie at 6 or 7 places with a strong cord.  Sear both sides of the roll of meat in a very hot deep skillet.  Then put in a deep roaster.  Add a small bottle or 2 cups of red cooking wine.  (I use salted wine, not used for drinking, which can be purchased in a gourmet shop.)  Place in oven at 300 degrees and cook for 2 hours, basting frequently.  This amount will make 2 round steaks.

Note: when I made these I found the following: “Steaks are hard to roll if you put too much gubbins on top.” So bear that in mind! Also: “My other note to self (and anyone else making these) would be that you need a trusty Tontomongo to help you when it comes to tying up the steaks – unless you are very dextrous.  Also, you might want to have scissors on the dinner table so that guests can untruss their steaks, unless you do it yourself when plating up.”

There are more observations on this recipe here if you fancy making it, we really enjoyed these fancy steaks served with…

Doris Day’s Stuffed Potatoes

That’s a Paprika Steak on the right!

Doris says: “The thing I like about these, besides eating them, is that they can be prepared a day ahead of the feast.”

4 large baking potatoes

Wash, dry and grease lightly.  Bake in a 450 degree oven until tender when pricked with a fork.  Remove from oven.  Cut a horizontal slice from the top of each.  Scoop out the insides, being careful not to break the shells.  Mash well

¾ cup light cream

Add.  Whip until fluffy

½ cup butter

¾ teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

¼ teaspoon oragano

Blend in.  Mix well

1 package frozen mixed vegetables, or one can peas and carrots drained

Cook until tender.  Add to potatoes.  Put mixture in potato shells

Parmesan cheese

Sprinkle on top of potatoes

If the potatoes have been refrigerated, place in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes before serving. 

There are many variations to this, obviously.  Try chives as a topping instead of cheese… or little bits of crisp, crumbled bacon.

Serves 4

These were made by Mr R on Doris Day Day and they were absolutely delicious. Definitely a fitting accompaniment to the steaks. My observation that, “They went fluffy on the top.” makes me want to have them again. Right now. Even though it is 6.30 am.

Doris Day’s Peach Angel Food Cake

Doris says: “I wonder how they manage to sift so much glamor into a package mix.  The peaches and cream of this, my favorite recipe, are like adding solid lyrics to music that sings alone…  even the best can be improved!”

1 package angel-food mix

Prepare according to directions.  After cool, cut cake into 3 layers

2 cups heavy cream

Whipped until it stands in peaks

1 pound fresh peaches

Peel, slice, sweeten to taste.

1 teaspoon asorbic acid (or lemon juice)

Dissolve and add to prevent discoloration

Spread part of whipped cream on one layer of cake, cover with peaches.  Repeat, stacking layers on top of each other.  Top off with peaches and whipped cream.  Serve immediately.  (A saw-toothed knife is best for cutting angel food cake.  Slice – don’t cut!)

Note: I forgot to slice into three, and only sliced into two… When I made this in 2014 my verdict was this, “My cake turned out just lovely.  It was fluffy and squishy and scrummy.” I was so eloquent back then! I am so hoping that my work chum Neil Owens has made one of these today in honour of Doris as he was planning to do…

Will Neil put seahorses around his cake and an Eiffel Tower on the top?
I wouldn’t put it past him…

We can’t get Angel Food Cake Mix here in the UK, so when I made this, I used Rita Hayworth’s recipe. Here it is for all those who like to make things from scratch, although I admit, if we COULD get Angel Food Cake Mix here in the UK, I would probably follow Doris’ lead and take the short cut.

Lovely Doris, she gave us so many laughs. Plus she’s given us the perfect menu to celebrate her great career in the movies. I feel an afternoon on the sofa with Pillow Talk coming on this weekend…

STOP PRESS! Neil did indeed make a Doris Day Peach Angel Food Cake and look how pretty it was!

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