“After all, a girl is – well, a girl.
It’s nice to be told you’re successful at it.”
I should say you were Rita! Extremely successful at it!

I’m going to be channeling Rita’s spirit during my birthday week. I have bought myself a birthday gift – heated rollers – and will be attempting to do the Hayworth “do” for the work Xmas party tomorrow. Watch out Gilgamesh!

I thought as yesterday’s post was about Devil’s Food Cake, it would be nice to blog the Angel’s Food Cake today. Olivia made this AGES ago so apologies for taking so long to write it up. I haven’t tried this recipe myself but it’s next on the list of things to offer to work colleagues for approval. Olivia proclaimed the cake to be highly enjoyable with a “light and slightly marshmallowy texture”. Good for the waistline too as it is low in fat. Mind you, it does contain 9 eggs! No wonder it serves up to 16. These Hollywood folks sure knew how to feed the five thousand…

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