Rita Hayworth
“We are all tied to our destiny
and there is no way we can liberate ourselves.
Hmm, but what does destiny have in store for me Rita, Rita Peanut Eater?

I have a Rita Hayworth’s Angel’s Food Cake in the oven, to be followed by a Gloria Swanson’s Devil’s Food Cake. These are for a very special event happening tomorrow but I can’t reveal what it is in case a certain someone reads this blog and twigs that there is a surprise party being hatched. It will be intriguing to see which of the guests chooses to be Angelic and who Devilish…

Yesterday was a lovely, lovely day. I finally got my waist length hair chopped to collarbone length so I can do some Rita style hairdos. Pincurls here I come. My new hairdresser is a peach! Her salon in Primrose Hill is full of original 1920s bits and pieces and she knows all about vintage hairdos. My appointment was at noon and the first question was, “Do you feel it is too early for a mulled wine?” Hell no! There were also homemade biscuits, yum, yum, yum!

I’d never met Lisa before, but she and her mum have test cooked LOTS of the Silver Screen Suppers recipes as my lovely friend Hugh had told them about the project. So I’ll be posting their feedback here soon. Great, great, great to meet in person some test cooks who were previously just an email address…

Lisa’s lovely salon – http://lisahauck.com

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