Oh my goodness Rita was so gorgeous.  Here’s a picture for fans of “opera gloves” – there is a whole site dedicated to film stars wearing opera gloves somewhere in this crazy world that is the internet.

There’s an Angel (Dust) Food Cake in the oven.  I’m trying a new technique – cooking it on the bottom shelf for a bit longer than suggested in the recipe.  I’m making it for my boss.  Today at work I was tearing my hair out as I couldn’t find a particular shot of a child floating on a piece of concrete in a flood somewhere unspecified in the Third World.  Yes, this is my working life!  It was for an Oxfam commercial and I really needed to track it down so we could supply master material for their edit tomorrow.  I was beginning to despair.  But my lovely boss took time out of his own work to find it for me.  What a star.

I promised to make him a cake and gave him a list of possibles.  He selected Rita’s.  I’m also experimenting with not greasing the tube pan, AND with sprinkling a little bit of edible glitter in the pan before putting in the mixture.  We shall see…

All this is distracting me slightly from waiting for the phone to ring of course.  Who is this Oliver fellow who seems dead keen to speak to me for days then doesn’t return my calls?  Ho hum.  I think Jamie Cullen’s show is over so it is safe to go back into the kitchen…

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