The plan tonight was to make a Claudette Colbert Cake for James Rumsey’s homecoming.  But I suddenly remembered James saying he didn’t like lemony things so a Rita Hayworth Cake it is instead. It is smelling GOOD.

Am very pleased to report a lovely date number 2 with Mr PH.  He really is very charming.  I caught him giving me a very nice appreciative look when I took my coat off and he saw my 1940s frock.  We went to dinner at a lovely Turkish place in Muswell Hill and he ordered lots of yummy things for us to share (I LOVE it when men do this otherwise I’ll spend hours dithering over the menu).  At the end of the meal he got me all in a fluster by saying, “Don’t take this the wrong way but as I’m only round the corner would you like to come to my place for a coffee instead of having one here?”  I felt like Shelley Winters in “A Place in the Sun” and stuttered and stammered about not having expected to be asked that.  I don’t know why on earth I felt so nervous about it because I knew it would only be coffee, because I can tell he’s a gentleman (not like most of them lately!)  Oh I am making myself laugh with all this PRUDISHNESS but seriously, I was all in a dither about it.  Anyhow, I went.  Mostly because I am the nosy-est woman alive and I suppose I wanted to have a peek at his place which turned out to be just lovely.

We had coffee, he let me play with his Kindle (this joke seems to be going viral on Facebook at the moment) and then he walked me to the bus stop.  I rounded off the evening by falling most inelegantly into a great big puddle but that didn’t spoil my great enjoyment of a 2nd date just as a 2nd date should be….

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