“After all, a girl is – well, a girl. It’s nice to be told you’re successful at it.”
My new (and most expensive ever) film star recipe book has arrived on my doorstep and I am beside myself with excitement. There are some super fab recipes in there including one (at last) by Rita Hayworth. Also some pretty insane recipes including one for “Mutton Duck”. This involves asking a butcher to carve up a piece of lamb so that it is more or less in the shape of a duck then having him chop a couple of bones up to make the bill and the tail. Very odd indeed. Also a female star I don’t recognise gives a recipe for cooking domestic rabbit. A domestic rabbit you note – not a wild one…

The book throws up some interesting questions too. I now toss these across the ocean to my co-author Ruth – a) what the dickens is Hominy? b) is Kumis the same as Cumin? c) how does one make onion juice?

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