The recipe of the month is UP and if you are reading this in July 2013 you can find it here – it’s an easy peasy one but there is a very SPECIAL reason I am featuring it this month.

This month I have commited to attending Camp Nanowrimo – I’m packing my hiking pencil, my tent pyjamas and my campfire mentality and knuckling down to editing 31,000 words of the Silver Screen Suppers book by 1st August 2013.

So housework is forbidden, cooking will be basic and social engagements are limited to essential boozing or squeezing sessions only.

The reason why Fettucine Alla Alfredo is crucial to this endeavour is that I know for a FACT that Robert Mitchum is the favourite filmstar of the man who can give the “yay or nay” to my book being published with my much wished for publisher.  He told me so himself.  Therefore I’ll be eating a lot of this dish during July in the hope that some Mitchum magic rubs off.

Love you too Mitch!

Keep your fingers crossed my lovelies.  I got off to a good start last night and my word count is already 3,216 and the As and Bs are DONE – Alan Ladd, Ann Sheridan, Anna May Wong, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis and Boris Karloff are in the bag…  Six down, 46 to go!

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