I am going on a week’s writing retreat on Monday and I cannot wait. I’ll be here…

More specifically here…

I’ll be working on the Murder, She Wrote book and trying not to disturb the three other writers in the building with the sound of the theme song playing over, and over, and over…. They might think the building is haunted by the spirit of Jessica Fletcher…

So, I’m trying to use up things that are in my fridge that won’t last while I am away. Hence, I made a little singleton’s batch of Robert Quarry’s Texas Potato Salad last night.

This recipe has become the first thing I think about when I have some potatoes hanging around. It is DELICIOUS and the thing I love about it most is that it uses pickle juice. As I always have loads of this knocking around, it’s a win-win.

Red onion and celery marinating in pickle juice

It is lucky I live alone. Because as I scoffed quite a LARGE singleton’s portion of this potato salad, I had to pick out a LOT of black peppercorns that had been in my pickle juice.

Basically, this was the bottom of a jar of prize winning pickled gherkins I made a few months ago.

In Robert’s recipe, the pickle juice goes into the potato salad along with the onions and celery, I didn’t think through about the peppercorns. I had to pick them all out.

Imagine the stomach ache I would have had if I’d eaten all these – haha!

Note to self, next time, strain the pickle juice first.

Robert’s potato salad is highly recommended. This version was a little bit soupy as I added quite a lot of the pickle juice. Here’s one I made earlier which is a bit more suitable for company!

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