Lipsmacking-thirstquenching-acetasting-motivating-hightalking-coolliving-evergiving PEPSI!  I tried to learn this once but I didn’t quite get there. I know I’ve missed something.  For the full monty, see here…

Ha ha – I forgot loads.  Must try harder….

This dish by Robert put me in mind of that little ditty because it was, truly, utterly, lipsmackingly good.  It’s hardly surprising though, as it is essentially made of butter, cream and cheese with a bit of ham, peas and pasta thrown in.  Who cares about the diet?


On Monday to Friday, I always thank the universe for YouTube, as it pays my wages.  But sometimes in my own time, I thank the universe for it too.  How else would I ever have found this recipe by Mr Vaughn?  A wonderful person out there had a recording of a very obscure cooking show, on a very obscure cable channel and they bunged it up on YouTube – THANK YOU eigomama This has made me so very happy.

Robert Morley cracks me up.  He’s so very ENGLISH.


The amount of times we hear “Dear Boy” in this clip is just remarkable.  He’s not exactly the polished cooking show host we are used to these days, but several things he says are just genius.  When Robert Vaughn mentions he’s off on a cruise, Robert M says: “Very deluxe-ee for the children, they’ll love it!”  And when Oliver Reed comes up in conversation, Robert M asks: “And how is the child bride?” He’s referring to Ollie’s second wife who was 26 years his junior.  They met when she was 16 and Ollie was 42.


How very RUDE Mr Morley!  Ha ha!  He’s his own man though, and it’s his show, so he can say whatever the hell he likes it seems.  What fun.  If anyone finds any other examples of this amazing celebrity cooking show on the net, please, I beg you, let me know.  My googling powers are weak, and I can’t find any others.

Talking of google.  I’ve just been off into a google black hole and somehow stumbled upon this…


I still have a few of these limited edition Campbell’s tomato soups in my cupboard.  I MUST find a way of cutting off the top, sealing it with something so I don’t cut my lip every time and HAVE MY BLOODY MARYS FROM THESE!

Back to the matter in hand…  It was announced towards the end of the Celebrity Chef cookery show that viewers could write in for Robert V’s recipe.  I’m guessing from the logo of this show, that it was sponsored by Campbell’s soup, as I have a couple of Celebrity Cookbooks which were probably freebies around the same time as the show.


Robert’s recipe isn’t in either of the ones I have.  But of course, I’m always looking…

So I had to make up the quantities for this recipe based mainly on guesswork.  As it was just me, myself and I, here’s what I did.  When I sat down to eat a portion of this I was IN HEAVEN.  Mmmmmm.  I reckon these quantities are just about right for two, although if you are on a diet, as I am supposed to be, maybe three?  You could use less butter, or less cream, or less parmesan – ha ha – but you might as well go the whole hog.

I melted 50g butter in 150ml double cream on a very low heat and then added 25g parmesan and 40g Proscuitto cut into small pieces – Robert V says to chop the Proscuitto into 1/4 inch pieces but on the YouTube it looks as though he has lumps of ham rather than super thin slices.


I cooked three nests of tagliatelle (yes, I know Robert V specifies fettuccine, but you can’t get that for love nor money round these parts) in boiling water with a pinch of salt for 10 minutes.  When it was done, I strained it then gave it a rinse with some boiling water.  Then I popped it into the creamy mixture and added a small tin (145g) of peas.  Forgive me.  I got a tin as I couldn’t get fresh peas, and my freezer is TOO PACKED for some frozen peas.  The tinned ones were nice anyhow, and I like the fact that Morrison’s do a little, small tin for spinsters like I…


I feel a little bit better about my super fattening dinner, because I had some broccoli and a salad on the side.  But let’s face it, this is a bit like Joan Crawford’s Turkey and Noodles Alfredo.  I am now walking around with what feels like a noodle baby…


and yes…  Robert Vaughn is in Columbo.


TWO episodes!


Stop press!  I’ve got the original recipe, here you go!

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