It’s Rissoles Night, it’s Rissoles Night, it’s Rissoles Night!  Well, it will be in about 15 hours time.  I woke up at 4.15am and got so excited about the prospect of Roland’s Rissoles I couldn’t get back to sleep so have decided to rise and shine and just get on with stuff.

December, as Rosalind puts it, is my BUSY time of year and I’ve run myself ragged with birthdays, boys, Christmas, work, writing and all sorts.  I am really looking forward to January when I will return to the nunnery, go on the wagon and generally calm down.

Two nights to go though before shut down and I have all the wherewithall for rissoles.  My mum sent me home with my usual Red Cross Parcel of leftovers which this year contains the remains of the ‘Three Bird Roast” we had on Boxing Day.  A bird within a bird within a bird.  There is a lot of chopping to be done.

I hereby wish all my readers a fantabulosa 2011.  I think it is going to be a humdinger.  I’ve made lots of resolutions about health, drinking, relationships, family commitments and exercise (of course) but here are 3 specific pledges for the year.  1 – learn to bake bread.  2 – learn two new songs on the ukulele.  3 – use my phone as a watch.  This last one is the most important.  I am going to TRY not to be waiting for the phone to ring next year.  I shall consider my mobile to be merely the modern equivalent of the wrist chronogaph and only look at it when I need to know the time…

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