I should have gone to bed early tonight, instead I have made Roland Young’s Rissoles from my leftover turkey as is TRADITION.  I laughed out loud when I searched my computer for Roland’s recipe and one of the things that popped up was a document called “Gaby-isms”.  I lived with Gaby for two years and her turn of phrase really made me laugh.  I’d obviously started to write down some of the funny things she said and here verbatim is what I had written:

With a hand placed gently on her collarbone: “Alas, my hot water bottle has perished at the neck”.

Reacting to the news that I was planning to make rissoles from some left over Christmas turkey: “I’ll be round like a rissole”.

After an evening on the sofa with the biscuit barrel: “Those macaroons were a bonus”.

When she spotted me with my hands in the sink on a special day: “I’m not having you washing up on your birthday!”

Reassurance that washing my hands of a certain man would be a positive step: “Stripping out love, stripping out!”

Whilst hula-hooping and listening to the radio the news came through that a woman who’d just had octuplets intended to breast feed them all, Gaby exclaimed: “What is she?  A woman or a Labrador?”

If you know Gaby, all of the above makes absolute sense.  If you don’t know Gaby, email me and I’ll try and introduce you.  Everyone should have her in their lives!

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