“A man usually falls in love with a woman who asks the kinds of questions he is able to answer.”

Hm. That is worth a ponder Ronald. I liked your Pot Pie. Even though the first attempt at cooking the round steak ended in a very burned pan that boiling with vinegar and soaking with dishwasher powder could not remedy. I feel bad about that.

However, Ruth and I went to the GIANT supermarket and bought some more round steak. We planned it perfectly so that we could participate in the “RELAXING MOMENT” the in-store Starbucks was offering everyone. This turned out to be a free coffee without the kind of BONDING with locals I had been hoping for.

The second attempt was fine as I hovered beside the stove with a glass of NOVAKEG on hand. Ruth and I had a slice each and thought it very tasty. I’m going to have another go and make more gravy next time. We left two thirds of it in the freezer for Bill, H.L. and Letha (sp?) to sample and comment upon. Their verdict will be reported here in good time.

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