For New Year’s Eve I made the MOST DELICIOUS FILM STAR DISH EVER, Ross Martin’s Beef in Anchovy Cream – oh my days, as the kids say.  More on that soon… 

For pudding I made chocolate mousse to Ross’ recipe but only half quantities as it was just me and Mr R for dinner.  This resulted in one each, and one for our imaginary friend. 


I used some Vanini Chocolate that the lovely Simon Wright gave me to try.  Half of this, half some Menier plain chocolate.  It was goooooooooooood.


Mr Rathbone keeps me constantly amused by the things he says, and I try and write his comments about my film star recipes down, because my memory is like a sieve with extra holes in it. A small triangle of kitchen roll has been knocking around my handbag since New Years Eve with some Rathbone words of wisdom written on it in pencil.  If I don’t transcribe them here and now, I’ll lose them forever soon, so here they come, exactly as said.

Mr R: “Some mousses is too soft.  But this one isn’t.”

Then later, “This is bloody good!  I’m going to eat the other one.”

I didn’t see him do it as I was concentrating on our jigsaw. A chimp’s tea party featuring the hosts of Blue Peter…


But there were three empty teacups next to the sink on New Year’s Day. 

Thanks Ross, your Chocolate Mousse was ALMOST as good as Vincent Price’s…  If it had RUM in it maybe it would give Vincent’s a run for his money…


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