rudolph valentino
Early morning in the Russell-Stewart household after a late night watching the Grey Gardens double bill. Rosalind and I amused ourselves by sitting on the sofa in headscarves enjoying the antics of Big Edie and Little Edie. My favourite quote was, “I’m pulverised by this latest thing!” and will attempt to use it in some context today. I may also keep in reserve the “Marble Faun” nickname for any new man that comes my way and seems to deserve it.
It is TEEMING with rain but the view from the 9th floor still rocks. I love the fact that at night I can see the pink lights of the Paramount Club from the spare bed and wonder if the New Yorker is up there looking at Rosalind’s fairy lights.
Jimmy is telling me that Helvetica and Avant Garde should never be seen on the same page. Never! We are fast approaching the madness of a Grey Gardens lifestyle here ourselves. This is what it will be like when we are all in the home together. Jimmy is complaining about the rain so I just gave him a Big Edie impression: “Will you shut up! It’s a goddamn beautiful day. Shut up!”
I made Rudy’s chicken last night, here in Rosalind’s kitchen and it was – as usual – absolutely delicious. It’s good to break the spell of only having made it as a romantic dinner for two for Sidney. It can be made to serve 3 – easy!

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