Rosalind has always been an inventive cook.  Once she invited me over for dinner and we drank so much wine that all she could manage in the end was a square of chocolate melted into a bowl of creamed rice.

Last night she excelled herself though.  She had some of the Chicken From Parma I had made a few weeks ago in the freezer.  She also had some of Franny’s pastry left over from the Boris Karloff’s Steak and Kidney Pie.  HENCE the Chicken From Parma Pie was born.  Absolutely delicious.  Devoured with much gusto.

It was our annual Review of the Year ceremony – Lord only knows why we hadn’t got around to it until mid May.  Much hilarity ensued as categories such as “Who Made You Cry in 2009?” (one person each) and “Unexpected Highlights?” were discussed.   The latter  gave me another chance to have palpitations about my weekend in Blackpool with Ricky Whittle…  3 boys rocked up midway so they chucked their ten pence worths in too which was funny.  I woke up this morning with a BIG hangover and the phrase, “Wipe your feets and swipe your tweets” mysteriously written in my notebook.

Very excited about my two day trip to Glasgow.  A very rich Scottish man is flying 3 of the Sisters up to DJ at a swanky party in his mansion house.  Our gramophones and records have been sent ahead by “art courier”.  Clara said that when they came to collect all the stuff they treated it like rare ming vases.  Jimmy reckons as soon as they were out of site they just chucked it all in the back of the van.  Och eye the noo!

Oh, second edition of Vintage Life Magazine came out today and by a bizarre co-incidence the Chicken From Parma recipe is in there so you can all have a go – make double what you need and then you can have a pie too! Click here to view: Vintage Life

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