Rudolph Valentino
“To generalize on women is dangerous.
To specialize on them is infinitely worse.”

I have given up trying to fathom it out myself Rudolph. It’s just a ZOO PARK!

I’m back from the wedding of the century. My sister of the skillet is hitched. It was such a lovely affair and a whistle-stop tour of Austin for Edmund. Even though we were only there for a week we managed to squeeze in some of the best, best spots of the town. Highlights for me were: getting my first glimpse of the diamond as big as a bath math on Ruth’s finger, two-stepping with a Hot Rod Spare Parts Dealer at the Broken Spoke and the moment Lawrence stamped on the glass at the wedding – MUSELTOF! I’m so happy for them both and wish them every happiness in their new life.

Another great thing was meeting some of the test cooks who have been cooking up a storm in the US. Dale (our “Star Spangled Rhythm” party thrower) was there. As was Gene (great to meet her, Edmund’s favourite!), Irene – the wonderful and generous mother of the bride, the two beautiful cousins and many, many, many assorted Frick, Bush and Page relatives. How utterly wonderful to be a part of such a humdinging event.

So now I return to my little garret in Crouch End. New Years Resolutions are kicking in and test cooking has resumed. Tonight’s cookathon has put me in a quandary. Rudolph’s Chicken From Parma is such a favourite BUT, his “Secret” Spaghetti Sauce is (to copy one of the Bush cousins) AWESOME so a decision will have to be made. As Valentino was famously a superb cook – always rustling up pasta for his fellow film stars – it may have to be this one…

There is a Shahrukh Khan movie on C4 and I am watching it in Ruth’s honour (Shahrukh is her own Ricky Whittle). At her hen night we had a Bollywood dance lesson so I am waiting for a big number so I can do the “snake” and the “lightbulb” moves here all alone to try and work off some of this pasta… Must remember to pull the blinds though so the neighbours don’t have to witness it…

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