I love Rue.  Well, I love her character Blanche in The Golden Girls.


She’s in Columbo too:


…hence her cookie recipe floated to the top of the test cooking pile.  These cookies are packed with good stuff – nuts, raisins, apricots etc., and they were really tasty, BUT, I don’t think I cooked them for long enough.  I am still getting to grips with my new-ish oven.


When the first batch turned out very brown on the bottom, I moved the shelf up a notch and turned the oven down a touch.  I made the cookies a bit bigger, because American cookies are big aren’t they?


All this to say that they tasted great, but they were a bit floppy.  Is there an expert cook somewhere who can give these a test cook for me and find the perfect temperature and cooking time?  I am looking in Battenberg Belle’s direction for this one…

I’m fiddling around with the recipe for the book, if you would like it in the meantime just drop me a line via the Contact page and I’ll send it over to you.  I am wondering if these would be the kind of thing Mrs Peck calls “health cookies” in the Double Shock Columbo episode?

health cookies

I want to be like Rue and Betty when I’m their age..  Rocking that look!

Golden Girls

I’ve got some broken bits of cookies left over and am planning to put them in an ice-cream.  In some crazy impulse buying moment on the internet I bought myself this ice cream maker….

ice cream maker

I don’t even EAT ice-cream!

Rue McClanahan


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