Today we have a test cook report from the lovely Clive Smith.  This did make me laugh!  Clive liked Ruth’s Omelet so much that he had it two days in a row.  I don’t blame him!

For those who may not know.  Brits call zucchinis courgettes.  It also makes me laugh that Greg Swenson who is editing the Columbo book tells me that his American English spell checker wants to change all my courgettes to Corvettes.  Little red courgettes!


Jenny, dear. I’ve just eaten Ruth Gordon’s zucchini omelet. I LOVED IT!!! Now, here’s the thing…… I usually make an omelette with cheese (not always, but usually) and I  SO didn’t miss the cheese in this. I did use the full amount of butter (well, Bertolli ‘with butter’ and only half the recipe coz it was just for me).

but it had a creaminess and gorgeousness that I can’t put my finger on (well, perhaps it was the buttery taste of Sr Bertolli) . The mix of celery, onion & green pepper melded into one (a good thing) but the courgette was the predominant flavour (also in a good way but also because there was more of it). I sautéed the pepper, celery and onion for five mins longer than the courgette, as I know that that takes less time to soften. 

It was light yet satisfying and I’ll definitely make it again coz it was Delicious with a CAPITAL D. 

Look at the splendour of Clive’s omelet – yum!

 Here’s Ruth’s recipe!
Ruth Gordon’s Zucchini Omelet

3 tablespoons butter (see note above)
1 cup / 150g zucchini/courgette
3 tablespoons diced onion
3 tablespoons diced green pepper
3 tablespoons diced celery
4 eggs, beaten

Saute zucchini, onion, pepper and celery until tender.  Slowly add beaten eggs and cook as for omelet.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  YIELD: 2 servings.


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