It’s Friday so you know what that means? QUARANTINI TIME! This weeks cocktail du jour is the Shirley Temple. Mind you, I realised after watching an episode of Mad Men the other day that a cocktail should have 3 ingredients and these only have two. I suppose that makes them a “mixed drink”?

Shirley Temples

5oz ginger ale (I get mixed up in the video between ginger beer and ginger ale, you can use either – or 7 Up or lemonade)

1oz grenadine

Over ice, garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

If you want to make your Shirleys boozy, you can use Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, or you can add 1.5 oz of rum or vodka, this makes your tipple a Dirty Shirley!

For more about the history of the Shirley Temple, my chum Greg has written a brilliant account over at the Recipes for Rebels website, so check that out here.

I mention a few things in the video that folks might like links to.

1 – The Shellac Sisters – my wind-up gramophone DJ troupe – check out some pix of us in action here

2 – The lovely Lady Jane is a milliner and she’s currently making wonderful free PPE ear-protector headbands for NHS workers with the Hastings Makers. She is best known for her fish leather hats.

3 – My Guild of Food Writers chum and author of the brilliant Vinegar Cupboard book Angela Clutton runs the fabulous Borough Market Cookbook Club. Always a blast – if you can get a ticket!

4 – the silent film festival I mentioned is actually called the Hippfest Silent Cinema Festival I had so much fun presenting a “Taste of the Silver Screen” event there in 2015. A group of us made lots of film star canapes and drank Shirley Temples from teacups.

Preparing the Shirley Temples with Sooz

I will never forget the moment when at the very end of the workshop, a lovely couple came over and said, “we’ve made you a present…” and presented me with this…

Charlie Chaplin made from half a hard-boiled egg and some caviar on a piece of toasted bread!

In the queue for the closing event of the festival at the wonderful Bo’ness Hippodrome, Mr Rathbone said: “Hippfest is everything I like about the world.”  I knew exactly what he meant and heartily agree. When real life gets back to normal, I think we should go to Hippfest again.

Until then, cheers my lovelies. Next week’s cocktail will be a Martin Landau Straight-Up Martini and ingredients are vodka, French Vermouth and a twist of lemon or a couple of olives.


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