Anyone who has read The Celestine Prophecy knows that coincidences can be meaningful.  Well, I’ve had a whole heap of them this evening.  Yesterday I felt that, almost a year after splitting with Sidney. I was ready to get back in the fray.  So I took the plunge and signed up to a dating site.  I got into a conversation with someone about ukulele playing and when I was cooking my dinner I started thinking, “I must tune my ukulele and start playing again” and at the very moment I was thinking it I got a text from my ukulele teacher (who I haven’t heard from in a donkey’s age) saying she had a gig with her new band on the 26th.  And if that wasn’t weird enough, I then put off tuning the uke thinking, well there is no point tuning it because I don’t know where the ukulele music is. Then, what do you know, but about 15 minutes later when looking for something else entirely, I found the folder of ukulele music.

For anyone who doesn’t know the way I live my life, this may not be surprising but let’s just say I’ve had a 40 foot lock-up with all my stuff in for about 5 years and about 3 months ago all that stuff came out of the lock up and into my new flat.  There are a million boxes and a million bags of stuff so actually finding anything I am looking for is highly, highly, highly unlikely.

And on top of the joy of finding the uke music folder, UNDERNEATH it was something I’d also been thinking about this evening (as I have on a regular basis) the printout of some recipe feedback I truly thought I had lost forever.

This is a very long post for me so I shall cut a long story very short.  The mother of my fabulous hairdresser in Primrose Hill – Lisa Hauck – did some test cooking almost a year ago. She printed out her lovely write ups and gave them to me when I went in for a radical trim and then I promptly lost them amongst my mountains and mountains of paperwork.  But now they are found!  Every time I go in to the salon there are gorgeous little cakes and savoury things to munch on so I am so happy to have found this precious document.  I’ll blog these gradually.  But first, Shirley’s GD Pecan Squares.  Ruth and I have had such trouble with these, but for Lisa’s mum Sabine, a genius cook, they turned out fine.  I loved the idea she suggested of sprinkling with sugar and cinnamon to give a christmassy touch and I so wish I’d been there at the opening party of the salon when I believe these were made.

Hurrah for the archivist in my soul which keeps every single thing that comes my way.  It means I live like some crazy old lady that can barely get to the bed for all the STUFF but it also means that eventually I will re-find everything I think is lost.

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