It’s day one of a three day recipe.  Tonight I salted the duck legs for Simone’s Cassoulet which I’ll be throwing together for Charley on Sunday night.  I am making duck confit don’t you know?!  This is going to be quite a challenge.  There are a lot of strange MEATS involved.  We are back to the old style conundrums.  What is salt pork and where do you get it in London?  The butcher chez Mr Morrison had absolutely no idea.  Ditto Polish sausage.

I have been mucking around on Guardian Soulmates this week as there seems to be tumbleweed in my love-life at the moment.  New year, new profile.  Very amused to see who has viewed my blurb in the last couple of days.  THE PANTHER no less.  Ha ha!  This time around he actually has his photo up, which must mean he is single now surely?  And not playing away from home like he was last time?  I must say he is still looking devastatingly handsome.  But you know what they say, as I have just found out with Mr Emerson, you can never step in the same river twice…

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