Sonja Henie
Ginger very kindly bought me some posh cherry jam to go in the indentations of the little treats that are Sonja’s Scandinavian Cookies. Fresh out of the oven they were enjoyed by Jack (he liked the nuts) and Grace (she liked the dough-y centre).

I managed to get six of them to Southend in one piece for Laurel and he liked them too. When he bought me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning he had made a characteristically cute arrangement of four semi-circular halves of bagels with a jam centred cookie in the middle. Adorable. I ate the bagels then I said that I was too full to eat the cookie. “I didn’t think you’d be able to eat the biscuit too,” he said, “I was just using it as a garnish”.

In a major development at the pub on Saturday night I was sitting right under a strong light and was worried that it was making me look haggered. Laurel removed the lightbulb for me in an act of kindness. When the barman later picked it up from the table and asked if it was a “dead one” Laurel said that it was still live but he had removed it as, “My girlfriend was being blinded by the light”…. Firstly I loved the high drama of the statement and of course I like being called the girlfriend.

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