I live on the fourth floor of a block of flats so have no garden full of fresh herbs, however much I would like one.  


It drives me bananas when I’ve bought a big bunch of coriander, used a few sprigs and the rest has gone mulchy in the fridge.  So lately I’ve been buying herbs in pots and bunging them next to the kitchen window.  


AGES ago I bought a pot of basil and I’ve been endlessly watering it, keeping it alive, having used about three leaves for something or another.  But there was a holiday coming up, so I decided to use the whole bloody lot in some pesto and be done with it.


So which film star would know how to make pesto?  Sophia Loren would of course.  This recipe is from her “Eat With Me” cookbook which I heartily recommend.  She knows what she’s doing in the kitchen for sure.


The book is currently AWOL in my flat somewhere.  I’m going to hunt it down and post Sophia’s recipe when I find it.  Until then, if you want to see a domestic goddess in action, just go to google and search for “Sophia Loren cooking” and click on the “Images” button to see some of the best pictures ever.

Sophia Loren Cooking

Sophia’s kitchen is somewhat more clean and tidy than Debbie Harry’s…

Debbie Harry in the Kitchen

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