I went back to an old method of selecting which star to focus on for my recipe of the month.  Mr R bought me a fabulous pack of movie star playing cards for the first birthday we celebrated together.  I cut the pack and Spencer Tracy was presented to me right there on the top.

This is Spencer’s first appearance on the Silver Screen Suppers blog, and of the three recipes at my disposal (Salad Bowl, Roast Beef Pie with Potato Crust and Cod Chowder) I chose this one.  Mostly because I accidentally bought twice as much cod as I needed for Joan Hickson’s Cider Cod recipe.

This was a very simple and very tasty soup.

Like Joan’s recipe, it was quick to rustle up on a week night and was hearty and comforting.  Hurrah for chowder!

When I told my friend Julie Gambling that I would be making Spencer Tracy’s chowder for my dinner she asked if I was going to watch one of his movies.  Her recommendations were Adam’s Rib, Libelled Lady or Bad Day at Black Rock, none of which I have seen so they are all going on the “to-watch” list.  She also mentioned The Old Man and the Sea saying, “I’ve never seen it but he’s on a boat so I’m assuming there are fish!”

This got me to thinking about Ernest Hemingway’s legendary Wild West Hamburger recipe.  Coming soon folks!


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