First ingredient in Spring’s ingredient list was “1 pint cottage cheese”.  A PINT of cottage cheese?  I was puzzling over this measurement and looking at the 600g pot I had bought when Mr R had a bright idea.  He got a can of San Miguel out of the fridge (500ml so around a pint) and weighed this in one hand, and the cottage cheese in the other.  He proclaimed the beer to be heavier. 

Then he got a pint glass out of the cupboard and poured the cottage cheese into it.  It was almost exactly a pint.  He then proudly declared.  “This proves it.  Cottage cheese is thicker than San Miguel” in a sort of “blood is thicker than water” kind of way…

A pint glass full of cottage cheese freaked me out a bit but the dip was really delicious, laced with mayonnaise and horseradish, with some spring onions chopped in.  This was definitely in my top 3 of the canapés we served. 

Tony had a bit and said, “I am feeling it”, then he did a little dance and shrieked, “Soldier!  Soldier!  Fire!”

I have absolutely no idea what he meant by this, but I’m assuming that he liked it.

Despite the whole house being full of film archivists, Julie was the only one of us who really knew who Spring Byington was…

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