Are you hungry? Are you a Laurel & Hardy fan? If so, you’ve come to the right place! A blog reader called Antoinette recently asked me if I could send her some Laurel and Hardy recipes so I had a rummage around in the collection and I found these nine. I’ve tried a couple of these, Ollie’s Spaghetti, his lovely Baked Apples and Stan’s Stuffed Fish but not any of the others. If you try any of these I’d love to hear from you. Send photos!

If you are having the stuffed fish, I highly recommend watching Towed in the Hole, which I watched with Mr R on Mersea Island when I made Stan’s fishy dishy.

The duo play fish salesmen so it is very appropriate. I am sure Laurel & Hardy fans will know of lots of other food references in their films and I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line via the contact page, I really love hearing from readers.

Happy cooking Sons of The Desert!

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