When I went for dinner chez my chum Cathy (aka Battenburg Belle of Kitchen Confidence) for the first time since the pandemic began, I was thrilled that she was cooking up a marinara sauce to a Stanley Tucci recipe.  I am mildly obsessed with Stanley Tucci and I was excited to find out that Cathy had just finished reading his brilliant memoir Taste

and we immediately hatched a plan to cook EVERY recipe in his book.  Of course, this is particularly apt for me, as the book that started me on this bonkers project was Julie & Julia (here’s a link to my first post written in May 2006)

and the movie adaptation features the divine Stanley who plays Julia Child’s husband Paul.

Cathy’s daughter Ringo joined us for dinner and tossed a coin to see who would begin this exciting cooking challenge and it’s ME, I got the Negroni, hurrah!

I did also get the recipe for cooking a whole pig though, so watch this space…

I’d kind of forgotten that I’d made a video all about Stanley’s Negroni recipe, but here it is if you fancy watching it.

and here is a link to the video that I watched about one gazillion times during lockdown of Stanley making a Negroni.  If you have never seen this, treat yourself!

The Stanley Tucci Negroni recipe described in this video is 2 measures of gin, one measure of Campari and one measure of Italian Vermouth. Cheers! #Tuccitime

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