This was very much a Friday evening dinner for Stanley, as described in Taste, this was something his dad made to give his wife a break from cooking.  I fancied it as a breakfast dish though, and persuaded Cathy to come round early one morning with the hound

I used some posh tomatoes and about 1/4 of this huge onion.

This was a cinch to make and we scoffed it while gossiping about all sorts.

A winning breakfast/brunch/lunch or Friday night dinner.

Cathy is now on a 3 month residential cooking course at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland.  Am I jealous?

We managed to squeeze in a couple more of Stanley’s recipes before she went though.  We had Old Fashioneds

to kick off Angus’ birthday bash

and Cathy made Ragu to Stanley’s recipe (this was SPECTACULARLY GOOD)

accompanied by a tomato salad

rustled up by yours truly.

This is my favourite photo of Cathy ever, and it totally sums up what nights round at her place are like…

it has taken me so long to get this post written she is now at the very end of her course and doing her final exam TODAY.  GOOD LUCK CATERINA!!!

All of these recipes can be find in the brilliant Taste, I do encourage you to get a copy, it is absolutely ace.  Everything we have made so far has been spectacular.  Can’t wait for Cathy to return so we can DO MORE.

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