I had some courgettes left over from Totie’s cake and I used one of them for this.  Delicious.  I do love an omelet / omelette and courgettes do seem destined for eggs round at my place if they are not in a cake.  Suzanne’s recipe is vague, but the results are good!  I just divided the recipe down and made a great big omelet for one.



I am a little perturbed that I can’t find the recipe book this is in – only a week or so after I made it.  With the new Marie Kondo method, there is one place for all my film star recipe books – the big shelf in the kitchen, double stacked.  

I shall return here and type up the recipe when I find it.  From memory it was simple.  Courgettes chopped, fried in a little olive oil with some shallots.  Then whisked up eggs added to the pan – I have a feeling an extra yolk was involved.  Cooked until set on the bottom.  Then popped under the grill.

It will be interesting to see what I’ve forgotten…



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