Ah, I do love Tallulah but I may have to take another look at her recipe for Coconut Jumbles…  Her veal recipe was very vague and of course it was delicious but that’s because the only other ingredients are butter and sour cream.  Hmm.  I want to keep her in the book because she is a stitch, BUT I think I am going to have to swap this recipe.

I’m almost ashamed to put the picture up.  The Autumn is here, so it is dark by the time dinner is served.  But anyhow, you get the picture.  Veal, butter, cream.

This is from one of my very favourite film star recipe books, it has fabulous illustrations like this one of Bette Davis holding a fish and smoking a fag.

Not pix of Tallulah though, so here’s a good one from the internet…

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