“…all my life I’ve been terrible at remembering people’s names.
Once I introduced a friend of mine as ‘Martini’.
Her name was actually ‘Olive’.”

Tallulah’s excuse for calling everyone “dahling” rings a bell with me. I’m getting terrible at remembering names. Which puts me in mind of my dad once saying, “that whatsisname is really good at remembering names…”

Today’s report comes from our favourite type of tester – the “mum” tester! They sure know what they are doing these mums. Taking a totally different approach to test cooks of our own generation. They just get on with it and have no qualms about leaving ingredients out or modifying oven temperatures or cooking times. Genius.

What a pedigree for me. My own mum has selected the persona of Vivien Leigh for the blog. As my dad wants to be Burt Lancaster that makes me feel pretty special. And my mum’s verdict on Tallulah’s biscuits? “Will be offering friends these when they drop in for a cup of tea.” So they are definitely good enough for guests! Vivien left out the milk altogether (a good solution to avoid sloppy cookie dough) and her superb innovation? Topping the biscuits with glace cherries. I am LOVING that idea!

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