Tessie loves language. By which I mean she likes to play around with it. Her recipe titles often include shortened words. For example, in the Butt-Chive Cheese Shrimp recipe, Butt is short for butter.

Behold the Butt-Chive Cheese Shrimp!

Gar-mar Mayonnaise is mayonnaise pimped up with marjoram and garlic powder. Her Horse Rad-Mayon Dressing is mayonnaise spiked with horseradish. Cu is short for cucumber and gel is short for gelatine (there is plenty of that around the place at Tessie’s gaff). Can you guess what’s in her Chilli-Cab-Che-Burgers? You might have to wait until I get to Tessie’s Meat and Main Course Dishes chapter to find out!

Tessie also loves to personalize her recipe titles with the word CHEZ. It makes things a bit fancy don’t you think? And Tessie sure does love to gussy things up and make them a bit fancy.

So in her book, there is a recipe for Chez O’Shea Salad Dressing. There is Chez Custard and Chez Cabbage too (not eaten together). So I’m guessing for Tessie, the CHEZ is just an indication that this is how it is made “chez moi.”

I might take her lead and make up my own version of Chez Tuna Fish. I spend a small fortune on these little beauties rather than plain old tunny fish…

I am sure I could make something just as nice, or nicer CHEZ MOI.

Tessie was way ahead of John West with her own infused tuna!

Chez Tuna Fish Chez Moi

This recipe is from Tessie’s chapter of salad recipes.

A few years ago I challenged my internet chum Yinzerella over at Dinner Is Served 1972 to make Tessie’s Frankfurter Chutney Salad for one of her Weiner Wednesdays – haha! She really made me laugh with this comment on Tessie’s attire on the book cover (it’s so good, it’s worth putting the photo in twice)

Yinzerella: I love how she’s holding that dungeness crab like it’s a maraca. Is she carrying a lettuce bouquet? Is that a muumuu made entirely of feathers?
This reminds me that I really need to invest in some quality marabou boas. Because my wardrobe doesn’t say “madame” enough.

HAHA! Anyhow, here’s Tessie’s recipe. I popped curry powder in mine as per the crab maraca weilding O’Shea’s suggestion and it was utterly delicious.

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