It’s the penultimate Tessie O’Shea recipe from the slimming cookbook! I pledged to try one a month from this excellent tome way back in January 2019 and I’ve almost done it.

It’s taken me ages to get around to making this because I didn’t want to buy a huge vat of ice cream that would sit in my freezer tempting me to have a spoonful every time I walked past. So my plan was to go to my local cinema sometime in April and buy a tiny cinema-sized singleton’s tub of Ben & Jerry’s in order to make this “dessert”.

Little did I know that procrastinating for many weeks about popping into the Everyman would find me three months later wondering if I will ever get the chance to do that again in my lifetime. Bonkers.

Luckily, many hours left alone in my flat during lockdown eventually produced a lightbulb moment. I could buy a singleton’s MAGNUM from the petrol station near my flat

eat all the chocolate off it and use some of the ice cream for this recipe. Which is exactly what I did. It was absolutely lovely of course. Lockdown treat to self!

Yes, thanks Tessie, very nice for a diet. Which I am not on, but I should be…

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