I have a lot of cooked chicken in my freezer. This is mostly because I absolutely LOVE the chicken they serve at Mr R’s local equivalent of the bar in Cheers,

The Cork and Bottle in Hampstead.

They serve 1/2 a chicken for Sunday lunch and it is divine but huge. Hence, slabs of it end up in my freezer because it is far too good to waste. There are also other bits and bobs of chicken, including a couple of legs of Mr R’s masterful Ron Glass’s Bombay Chicken (my mouth is watering at the thought of it) and until recently, some Shelley Winters’ Chicken a la Shelley.

All of this to say, when it came to choosing a recipe from Tessie’s cookbook for my monthly challenge, this one popped out at me. It’s a nifty little way of using up leftover chicken and there is now a little empty space in my freezer where Shelley’s chicken was once residing.

I skipped the artificial sweetener!
First batch of Tessie’s Fun With Leftover Chicken
Next day I had some on toast. Chicken on toast? Why not!

This was all part of my #HappyFoodYear challenge which was to cook a recipe a month from Tessie O’Shea’s fab cookbook.

I’m not going to make it to 12 recipes by the end of the year, so a few will pop up in 2020. This task has been a lot of fun and I sincerely thank the folks on Twitter who set this challenge. I have a LOT of cookbooks sitting on the shelves, forlorn and un-cooked from, so this was a good way of exploring one particular book. I am tempted to choose another for 2020 but NO! I must concentrate on testing recipes for the Murder, She Cooked book.

If I had to choose one to focus on though, it would be this…

But maybe in 2021!

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