One good thing about being dumped is the way chums rally round to cheer you up. Had a long telephone conversation with the fabulous Gary last night. He was telling me a story about Thelma Todd and Caesar Salad which we must verify. Apparently Thelma was in a restaurant and wanted a salad and the chef rustled one up for her out of what he had to hand and the Caesar Salad was born. Or something… Would also like to get hold of a menu from the “racy roadhouse” she ran. Where the hell do you find a “racy roadhouse” these days?

The Ice Cream Blonde as Hot Toddy was also known apparently “grew up scandalizing the community by never wearing underwear, and working her way through the local hunks”. I think I shall follow suit.

Am making a pilgrimage to Kilburn High Road today to try and buy a cheap DVD player for the boat. It is coming out of the water tonight to have its bottom scrubbed so I have to rush home and secure all breakables. Me and the landlady plan to be sipping champagne on the roof as it is dragged out from its moorings, into the middle of the Thames and up the slips. I will have to go up a ladder to get to my bed. Much like Elsa Lanchester used to do…

My DVD of “All About Eve” has been despatched but will it arrive in time?

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