I feel a bit like this myself today Thelma.  I am in bed in my bright red Elizabeth Tayloresque slip typing this on my brand new Macbook.  My cup of coffee is just about on the other side of the room.  No more coffee keyboard incidents for me.  Not sure yet what data survived the drenching, I need a very tiny weeny screwdriver to find out.

Day off today.  I’m going to the British Library where I have an appointment with a copyright lawyer to talk about recipe copyright.  It is TIME (as they would say in Pipkins) to get to the bottom of it all.

Had a great email from Will in Warrington (I keep saying that he’s in Warrington but I’ll have to check) who made valiant efforts with Thelma’s Scripture Cake.  This is the weirdest recipe we are planning to include in the book.  You need to have a bible by your side to translate as it is all written like this:

4 ½ cups of I Kings, 4:22, One cup of Judges, 5:25, Two cups Jeremiah, 6:20 etc.

As with many of these recipes from the past, instructions are very vague but Will made a smashing looking cake and the pictures are over on the flickr site.  LOVE the testing device, I want one of those.  But I can buy NOTHING until I have paid in full for this new Mac.  Methinks I should have done it by January 2012…

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