Well either Paulette and I are exceedingly greedy or Tim McCoy’s cowboy comrades had tiny appetites. Reputedly serving 6-8 Tim’s delicious eggy, peppery corn dish was polished off by just two of us on Friday night with a bottle of red. I do admit though that when I get home from work I am quite capable of eating a whole can of sweetcorn before I’ve even got my coat off so perhaps it’s not that surprising. I loved the way that all the pimiento (for I know what a pimiento is these days) floated to the top and all the corn sunk to the bottom. Scrumptious.

It has been a busy life this week so not much cooking going on. Lots of dancing though. I eventually got Charley to take his satchel off on Wednesday night and we had a jive to a great rock and roll combo at the Turntable Cafe, and today a 2 hour Charleston class which has left me with very creaky knees. I plan to keep up this jigging around. It works off all the corn.

There is a bit of a cowboy theme this weekend. I’ve been asked to play some of my 78s on Harold Lloyd’s radio show and am thinking of selecting all singing cowboys. Unfortunately this morning as I chatted on the phone to Clara I sat on my precious copy of PRAIRIE ROMEO – a gift from the chaw-bacon – and snapped it in two. Wonder if I should ask if he has another copy amongst his mountains of shellac?

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