My neighbour (and matchmaker extraordinaire) Chloë has asked me to write something for a pitch she is doing for a publisher.  She’s creating a brand new magazine and it sounds like it will rock.  I might have a regular column about film star recipes.  Am I excited?  YES.

I can’t say too much about it as a) it’s not my project and b) I don’t want to jinx it.  Let’s just say that each issue will have a theme and the first theme is birds.  So I thought about it for a few minutes and my thought processes went like this: Birds.  THE Birds.  Tippi Hedren.  Have I got a recipe?  Yes.  Golden Potato Salad.

So I wrote the text, made the salad and got my posh camera out.  I’ve had my nice camera for about four years and I have almost no idea how to use it.  I did a food photography course a while ago, and have got a little bit better on the composition side I think.  But even though I did a brilliant one day course with Matt Humphrey who runs the lovely Local Gallery in Muswell Hill, I’m still not sure about exposure / ISOs / all of that stuff.  I’ve mostly been lazy since I got my iphone and have mostly been using that for my food pictures.

It was nice though, to have an hour or so to experiment with the proper camera and props and I tried a few different things.  This one was my favourite.  The guardian of the potato salad.  I got him from the pound shop.

Chloe liked this one best though.  Simple is best maybe?

What I think I need now is a lesson in how to post full quality photos on my blog without making computers crash because of too many pixels or something…

Here’s the recipe! With an extra treat, Tippi’s Lobster “Mirin” too…

It was really delicious and some research on the internet for Golden Potato Salad reveals that the secret to the golden bit is mixing some mustard in with the mayonnaise. Also PICKLE JUICE is involved.  Anyone who knows me will know that my body is 45% composed of pickles so there is always plenty of pickle juice around the place.

If you can’t wait for the magazine and would really like to try Tippi’s recipe please drop me a line via the “Contact Me” page and I’ll send it on over.  Mmmm – potato salad!

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