Cor!  This was good.  But no wonder, it’s got loads of things I love in it.  Plus I made it with fancy truffle mayonnaise. I think Tom would be proud of me.

Here’s what you need.

Under construction (I used an ice cream scoop as instructed).


Easy peasy and another one tested for the forthcoming Cooking the Detectives book.  Of course, i cannot let the opportunity pass to share some pictures of Tom Selleck with sandwiches and waterfalls….

Want more – follow this link – there’s a song too.

Why?  Follow this link if you are curious.  I might see if my friend Beth Collier who writes the fabulous Curious Minds Substack could do one of her fabulous deep dives on Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.  I’m slightly obsessed by it.

Perhaps, though, you prefer Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza?

or Nimoy Sunset Pie?

Anyone want to set me a CELEBRITY & NATURAL FEATURE & FOODSTUFF collage challenge?!  I am game for anything as I’ve already done a couple of movie star recipe illustrations just for fun.  Here’s the one I did for Anne Baxter’s Genuine Swiss Quiche.

As my mum would say, tiny things please tiny minds.  Here’s one I’m working on for Dorothy Lamour’s Strawberry Ice-Cream – I think I need some tiny cornettos scattered around the blank space.

Do send me a challenge via the Contact Form or in the comments below.  Happy to try illustrating one of the recipes on the blog or a star-natural feature-foodstuff mash-up.  Oooh, just thought.  If someone sets the challenge I could organise a collage-along!  We could all have a go and start a new Selleck Waterfall Sandwich trend!

Tony Danza space pretzel

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