I rocked up at The Guild of Food Writers annual awards ceremony on Wednesday and it was just wonderful.  I was thrilled that one of my heroes Yotam Ottolenghi was only a few feet away from me accepting his award for “Jerusalem on a Plate”

and that Claudia Roden won the lifetime achievement award.

I was totally surrounded by superb writers and it filled me with resolve to work hard on my writing and get better.  I want to read more food writing, and I want to improve my own.  Like my chum Graham I am going to put together a reading list for myself and get on with it!  Any suggestions more than welcome.

I am also going to get organised with a Google Reader or some other way of keeping up with some good food blogs.  Silver Screen Suppers was nominated for the “Blog of The Year” award but didn’t get short-listed.  The three who did were as follows:

Eat Like a Girl

The English Can Cook

Poires au Chocolat

and it was Poires au Chocolat who scooped the award – beautiful pictures on this blog – another resolution sparked by this, get better at my photography.  Oh my goodness, there is so much work ahead!

I met the lovely woman who is at the helm of The Foodie Bugle and again, plan to have a good old rummage around over there.  This was the winner of the New Media of the Year Award – there were many bugling noises amongst the cheers when it was announced.

I spent time with three of my four favourite ladies of the Guild.  I couldn’t see Clarissa Hyman, but I managed to have a good chin wag with Joan Ransley, Heather Grant and Lindy Wildsmith.

I feel so lucky to be a part of the Guild (still surprised that they will have me) and get inspiration and encouragement every time I go to one of their events. They are always brilliant.

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