I am hoping to rustle up a Clark Gable number on Sunday for the Panther. I wanted to follow Loretta’s recipe with something from her secret lover as I’ve been reading about their tryst and resulting lovechild. Am awaiting a recipe from my fellow chef in the States for Gable’s “Hunter’s Breakfast” – I have no idea what this will be. Can’t imagine Clark Gable in a pinny myself. If this doesn’t turn up in time I will have a go at Hollywood Ham Loaf instead. Not saying that Gable was a “Hollywood Ham” you understand…

Short lunchbreak today as there is a new man on the scene who has invited me to swanky open air gig at Hampton Court Palace tonight with champagne reception and dinner thrown in. This is romancing silver screen style is it not? Alas, he won’t be sending around a chauffeur to pick me up, I have to meet him at Waterloo at 5.15 hence curtailment of my blogging time. Dress code is “coctktail dress but no high heels”. Whoever heard of such a thing? I actually do not have any other heels apart from high, but am reassured by Rosalind that as this rule is designed to preserve the lawns, wedges don’t count. Accordingly I’ll be wearing some very hard to walk in Carmen Miranda style skyscraper platforms.

I am pretty darned excited.

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