Much excitement Thameside as the boat is back in the water. But not in its usual spot – secured next to the FUEL PONTOON for a few days. And this means right in the middle of the river basically. Fab views with birdlife all around. Those crazy headed Grebe things dive down for fish and you don’t see them again for hours. Black Swans and Canada Geese all over the shop and this morning a strange mist rolling over from the opposite bank. Glorious. Wish my bird spotter’s book wasn’t in the lock-up. How sad!

Also excited about boat visitor on Thursday. Fellow film archivist Edmund Gwenn is leaving his country pile for a few days and coming over for Carole Lombard’s ribs. Mucho fun will be had as he regales me with impressions of Jessie Matthews and tales of derring-do at “The Loft”.

Life is goooooooooooooooood.

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