Oh what a week it has been!  DJing at The Savoy AND Claridges in the same week.  How very glam!  Masses of free cocktails at the former and one each paid for at Claridges – four cocktails and a bowl of peanuts was £80.  Not joking.  We got some good photos though.

All sorts of shenanigans on the man front.  I must admit I have realised this week that I ought to be careful what I report on this very public forum.  Blogs have ears you know…  I shall keep mum about it for now but all I can say is that today I look as though I’ve been dragged through several hedges backwards.

Thought I’d copy Matthew over at movietone-news and have a little Christmas competition.  Guesses as to who the lady beneath the large picture hat is please in the comments below.   If more than one of my lovely readers gets it right a name will be picked out of the hat.  (Not that hat but another hat.)  The prize will be a fabulous Silver Screen Suppers pen (not available in any shops!) with which to scribble down your favourite recipes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all.

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