Tonight is “ladies football night” at Paulette Goddard’s place. Brazil are playing so we will have plenty to occupy our hearts and minds. We’ve all been asked to bring some grub so I thought it might be a good chance to try out Helen Twelvetrees’ “Wakimoli Salad”. Guacamole by any other name it seems to me. So I trapsed up Salusbury Road this lunchtime in search of avocados and my little corner shop up there with all the fruit and veggies out front had none. I asked the handsome fellow in the doorway if he had any and he said, “The avocados they are finish”. I said, “Oh, are they out of season now?” and he repeated his earlier statement, “The avocados they are finish”.

Hmm. Wakimoli without avocados is no Wakimoli at all. What else can I rustle up in someone else’s kitchen without embarrassment?

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