It’s time for me to get back on track writing up test cook reports on recipes.  My mind has been scattered to the four winds with all this moving business but it feels like heaven to be in my new place and all kinds of new resolutions are being made.

So, as I am about to launch the 3rd round of testing (email me if you’d like to test something – silverscreensuppers – at – I should really start making my way through the “ready to blog” inbox.  First up is Will’s report on Veronica’s Spiced Beef.  I have chosen him as I am thrilled to hear he is coming to my housewarming (haven’t seen him for yonks) AND I am having a drink tonight with King – who is probably the only other person since 194o-something to have eaten this dish.

It’s going to be the momentous Gloria Swanson Competition Frock handover tonight.  King is unveiling his new painting a week on Wednesday and is going to run a silent auction so that some lucky lady (or gent I guess) can have their portrait painted wearing the aforementioned frock.  I’ll find out tonight how you can enter and will blog it.

Test cook Will suffered from the familiar confusion over shortening.  We are definitely going to have to use brand names to assist our readers in the book.  He also wanted some clarification on possible interpretation of “spiced beef” – I guess in the 40s people would have known what this was?  Or at least have known a friendly butcher they could have asked for advice.  As we have discussed here before, butchers are getting as rare as hen’s teeth around these parts so we are going to have to specify pastrami or whatnot.

I don’t think Will felt that Veronica’s dish was a great success so I’m going to have to tweak and make many suggestions if this one is going to make it into the book.  I’d like it to though – especially as it is the only recipe we have in our collection from the delightful Veronica.  At least Phil Oakey might buy a copy if she’s in it…

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